I Am Focused

“It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. I would challenge that it takes the same to make a skilled man a success. I grew up in an abusive household which challenged my will to survive. Before the age of 12, I ran away from home 13 times, endeavouring to kill myself on many occasions.

My sole motivation in life was held together by a single thread; an innate love for music. Music fed my spirit, it gave me the hope I was desperate for and it sustained me. I involved myself in church, in music and I began to find my artistry as a musician. Having worked with the industry’s most iconic artists, my music career spanned the globe. Unwittingly, I romanticized the distance put between myself and my personal challenges, until a conflict arose and anger that I had built up over the years surfaced.

That confrontation abides as my cardinal shame. I will neither justify my behaviour, nor will I diminish its affects. I want to move in a positive direction with my life but my criminal record precludes me from accessing gainful employment or entry into the U.S. market. When I am unable to find sustainable employment, I feel incapacity and despair, rather than having a sense of security and hope. But I remain focused and determined.

I continue practicing two-to-three hours every day, writing my memoirs and generating a prospectus for public speaking engagements. Possessing virtuosity at my fingertips, I stand at the gate of prosperity and knock. I knock with the anticipation that, one day, it opens.”