I Am Victorious

“There were so many years that I could not look at myself in the mirror for the things I had done and people I had hurt. I always knew I was meant for greatness; I just did not know how to get there, but God came in like a flood and transformed me from the inside-out. In 2015, I lost two of my part-time jobs in the course of a week due to layoffs, and looking for work with a criminal record was difficult. I didn’t know how I would survive or pay the bills, and later went on to take a Women’s Venture program that offers guidance and start-up loans for women entrepreneurs. I decided to start my own cleaning company and I registered my business, Royal Ambassador Professional Services, in 2016.

Right now, I have two commercial and 11 residential cleaning contracts. I’ve also had the opportunity to employ a neighbour. She is a young mom that had no previous work experience, but now she works with me occasionally and can better provide for her daughter. A job builds confidence and my goal is to hire people at a living wage. People need to know that they are valued, able to pay their rent and support their families. If people aren’t even making enough to cover their bills, it can be very discouraging. I remember what that was like and I want to make sure I’m paying my employees a fair wage.

My life is really not about me, it is about being part of and supporting my community. My vision for my business is that it will be a platform to assist my community and empower economic change and growth. I have gone through many difficult times in my life, but the things that have happened to me have helped me to be more compassionate, more loving and more understanding. My criminal record is just a piece of paper and not a reflection of who I am. When I was asked to do this story, fear crept in and I thought to myself, how could I have my picture on social media? I know I am not supposed to be worried about what other people think. What really matters is who God says I am. That same night I read a verse from scripture that said, ‘One night, the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision, do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent for I am with you’. Then I thought, how could I not show my face? God has brought me a long way. I am loved by God. I am strong. I am victorious.”